2016 Viognier (Seguin - Hye)
This semi-sweet white wine has a flavor and aroma profile of apricots, peaches and nectarines with subtle hints of exotic mango and papaya. It is light in color and heavy in flavor. Enjoy this delightful wine with your favorite light meals and casual afternoons.
          $19.95 / bottle

Red Wines

2016 Muscat  (Seguin - Hye)
Our Texas Muscat is richly sweet and loaded with fruity flavors and aromas.
          $19.95 / bottle 

2014 Primitivo   (Seguin - Hye)
Our Primitivo has rich flavors of dark cherry, bramble berry, clove, raspberries and spice.  American oak barrel aged to highlight this grapes distinctive characteristic as a super heavyweight. 
          $17.95 / bottle

2015 Tempranillo  (Seguin - Hye)
   Our Texas Tempranillo has overtones of lush strawberry, ripe plum, dark cherry, and spice.  Enjoy this medium bodied red wine with tomato based dishes, barbecue grilled meats, and Mexican food.
           $29.95 / bottle

Rubus  (Seguin - Hye)
From our home grown blackberries, this port style wine is 17% Alc with a wonderfully rich blackberry flavor and hints of bourbon, coconut, and toffee.
          $29.95 / bottle (500ml) 17% Alc/Vol

2015 Left Bank  (Seguin - Hye)
Left Bank is a homage to the traditional blend.  This luxurious wine has notes of black currant, blackberry, violets, and black cherry with pepper and leather adding to the intrigue. 50% cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 10% Petit Verdot.
        $32.95 / bottle

2013 Black Lotus  (Seguin - Hye)
Our classic full bodied red wine made from the Black Spanish is rich in flavor, deep in color, and aromatics. Holding deep garnet hues, the intense nose of red fruits and herbaceous undertones rise from your glass.  This wine is robust and fresh with a wonderful oak component. Truly a king among wines.  It has flavors of berries, smoke, vanilla, nutmeg and cedar.
          $28.95 / bottle

Sold Out

2012 Red Lotus  (Seguin)
Made from the Champanel grape grown in our vineyards, this dry red wine is aged in American and French oak barrels for 3 years.  It boasts flavors of cherry, blueberry, and spice with mild notes of black olive and pepper.
          $19.99 / bottle

2015 Dos Uvas (Seguin - Hye)
"Dos Uvas" or Two Grapes is a blend of 50% Aglianico and 50% Cinsault.  Enjoy the fruit flavors and firm tannins of this wine with rich roasted meats and stews of beef, lamb, duck, chicken, or pork.
           $32.95 / bottle

White Wines

2017 Vermentino (Seguin - Hye)
   This wine has overtones of zesty lemon, ripe pear, and white flowers with hints of apple and grass.  Medium bodied, mildly acidic and highly aromatic.
     $19.95 / Bottle


2015 Merlot  (Seguin - Hye)
Exudes blackberry and plum flavors while respecting a silky tannin base.
          $19.95 / bottle

Chocolate Raspberry Delight  (Seguin)
This is our version of the popular blend of black and red raspberries, rich chocolate, and our estate-grown Black Spanish grapes.  We age this blend in repurposed Kentucky Bourbon barrels.  17% Alc/Vol.
          $39.99 / bottle (500ml)

2016 Mourvedre  (Seguin - Hye)
With its deep, rich, spicy character, our Texas Mourvedre is gamey and fruity with big tannins.  Enjoy this red wine with braised or stewed meats.
          $27.95 / bottle

Golden Lotus (Seguin - Hye)
From our vineyards in Seguin, Texas, we bring you our sweet Golden Lotus white wine.  Made with individually hand picked grapes that have shriveled on the vine, this wine has intense flavors of apricot, pear, fig and butterscotch with notes of citrus and sweet peach. 17% Alc/Vol
      $49.95 / bottle (500ml)

Dream  (Seguin - Hye)
Made from ripe Lenoir grapes. Aging in used whiskey barrels has imparted motes of vanilla, cocoa butter, and brown sugar over the ever-present candied red fruit and cigar tobacco. 17% Alc/Vol
  $34.95 / Bottle (500ml)