Champanel Grape

  The vineyard hosts a number of different varieties of grapevines. Our grape vines are trained onto two wires at 4ft and 5ft with cordons extending left and right for 4 feet. These are vigorous vines and need ample room to grow. 

They are: 

  Black Spanish


  Blanc du Bois

  Norton (Cynthiana)

  Lake Emerald





  These species of grapes were chosen for their resistance to various diseases such as Pierce's disease and phyloxera found throughout the southeastern United States. European

grape vines such as chardonnay and cabernet will always die from these diseases. Grapes with American parentage have a natural defense against these diseases from centuries of adaptation and evolution or from hybridization of the variety.  Enjoy our fine wines made from these various grape species as they are not found in many vineyards across this great county.